Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Breathing life back into the blog

Can a blog die of neglect?
Oops.  Life got a little nutty and I couldn't keep up with everything anymore...and I ran out of data on my phone which was pretty much the death stroke.

To attempt to breathe some life back into this space, I am kicking off with a ten things Tuesday post. Mostly because that is the level of thought my brain is capable of creating at this point!

This one is pretty random:

1) I was pretty sure they were going to come find me and tar and feather me when the cleaning people went in my hotel room last week.  I am usually very good about leaving things tidy, but I made my tutu for my Halloween costume and there was glitter everywhere. Like really everywhere. It was awful.

2) I am kinda freaking out because I think I have a minor calf strain and my half marathon is this weekend.  I can work through the pain and I know I can do it, I just don't want to do more damage before the full in a few weeks.  Tomorrow will be a test run of a few easy miles to assess the situation.

3) I am obsessed with an online store that a new friend introduced me to.  Apparently it is soon to be a real store in Nashville, TN as well.  It is www.vinnielouise.com and she seriously has the best stuff.  I am ordering this llama sweater as soon as it restocked!

4) I tried Nuun for the first time yesterday. Jury is still out on that one. My stomach tolerated it well though, so I will try it on a run next time.

5) I finally did Meatless Monday for the first time! This is partly due to the fact that I lived on coffee and donuts for a large portion of the day...but I did pick all veggie things at Panera for dinner so I call that progress.

6) Speaking of Panera, I have a new favorite! The autumn squash soup has been my go-to lately, but yesterday I tried the mozzarella and tomato panini and  was pretty blown away. Of course I also ate the pecan roll.

7) Are there support groups for veg-curious people?  Now that travel is winding down I am considering going at least part-time vegetarian.  But I struggle to get enough protein as it is, so I want a veggie coach. Or something of that nature.

8) I wanted to run today to test out my leg...but I started getting dressed and realized I did not pack a sports bra.  Go figure.

9) It's really interesting to be signed up for two races in November and seeing the difference in the way they are coordinated. Today I (finally) got an email about where packet pick up will be for the half marathon this weekend.  Two weeks ago I got my bib number and race info from the marathon that is at the very tail end of November.

10) Boyfriend can't go to the marathon with me. The Army won't let him go that far away.  So yes, I am pouting a bit, but life will go on.  Now it is time to find a friend to be my one person cheer squad/co pilot.

10.5) I am an awful blogger because I am total crap at taking pictures throughout the day!

Hope you are having a marvelous week!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Marathon training confession

I am going to have to go ahead and admit that my mileage lately does not look like I am training for a marathon. Last week I logged about 12 miles total. That is not okay. Admittedly work has been crazy and life has been happening, but I can't let that be an excuse. This week I am going to get turned around and hit my mileage. I have to.  At this point I am terribly unprepared and I can't waste any more time.
Anyways, that's my bummer of a post for the week. Tomorrow I am getting my butt back on track!
in other disappointing news, my shoe is already wearing out!