Where to Run in Orlando

If you are traveling/moving to the Orlando area I wanted to share a list of my favorite running routes with you!
I am still very new to the area so this list will continue to grow as I discover new and exciting places to run.
If you have questions about running in Orlando let me know and I will do my very best to be helpful!!

West of Orlando - Disney Area
Celebration Bike Trail:
Celebration is an amazing town that is very quiet and safe feeling. There is a 6 mile bike loop and you can find a map of it at the bike rental stand.  I usually park near the Starbucks and head out from there. This is a paved "trail" that goes around lakes and through the woods. There are even a few boardwalk type bridgesThe trail also goes past several neighborhoods (again, very safe) so it is easy to add mileage if needed.  There are some shaded parts but I have not found any water fountains along the way and there isn't really any shelter so if you get stuck out in the rain you will get wet.

Lake Eola:
I think everyone that runs in Orlando has run around Lake Eola more than once.  The loop around the lake is a little under a mile on the inner circle near the water and a little over a mile on the outer loop near the road at the edge of the park. It is a very popular running spot and the scenery is nice. There are swans on the lake as well which is pretty cool.  There are also water fountains and restrooms along the way which is even better.  This location does get crowded when people are getting off work, so it is easier to run there if you can make it at odd hours.  A lot of the parking near the park is metered but there is some free 2 hour parking as well as a couple parking garages a couple blocks away.  This is my go to running spot mostly because of the availability of water.
Advice: there are also a lot of events at the park, including a farmers market on Sundays, so check this website for information on events happening so you don't have to run through movies in the park :)

North of Orlando - Altamonte
Cranes Roost Park:
This is another popular running spot and also goes around a lake. It is also about a mile around though there is not the same access to water as at Lake Eola.  When I have been there the crowds have been smaller.    There is not a lot of shade, but being near the water does keep it somewhat cooler.  The path is kept very clean and the park is very nice overall.  If you are not the type to run with headphones, there is actually music playing over the speakers on the light posts.  I don't guarantee it will be running music, but it does keep things a little more interesting!
If you need some "hill" type work in flat Florida, there is a set of stairs that people run up.
There is also a trail that connects to the park and I will be sure to update this list as soon as I have tried that! 

Running Groups
There are quite a few active running groups in Orlando and most us Meetups as a way to get together so be sure to check it out if you are looking for some comapany.
At this time I have only gone to run with one group, so this section will be updated as I try more options!
Running for Brews:
Meets Wednesday nights at 7 at Graffiti Junction near Lake Eola.  There are different route lengths available though most people do about 3 miles.  There are runners of all speeds and everyone is very welcoming!  Runners meet back at the bar for drinks after the run.  

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  1. This is great, thanks Jess! I visit Orlando a few times a year (ok, I visit Disney a few times a year!) and am often looking for places to run and it would be great to explore some place off property!

    I'll have to let you know next time I am in town! Thanks for joining us on our road trip, I'm off to visit Cyanne!

  2. Jess, for some reason the link to Cyanne's post didn't work...I just found her post at this link though if you want to change it out at some point - http://runstretchgo.com/2015/06/29/run-where-i-live-chicago/

  3. Well done!!! I visit the Sunshine State every year and will have center my trip around Running for Brews. FUN!

  4. Great post!! I travel to Orlando for work conferences sometimes and I'm always looking for good places to run. Lake Eola and Crane's Roost Park sound beautiful - I'll have to check them both out sometime!

  5. I love any run that ends with the bar/a beer. Thanks for sharing!