Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee Talk

Hi guys! happy Monday morning! I am actually probably one of the few people happy that Monday is here because it is actually my day off after seven days of work!

Today I am linking up with some great bloggers to talk about my very favorite thing. The reason I wake up in the morning.


I think about 90 % of my selfies and snapchats include a cup of coffee so this is right up my ally!

If you are a coffee lover and aren't already following the blog hop, here is a link to Train With Bain who got us all started!

If you are not a coffee lover, please tell me your secret! How do you manage to function throughout the day?

Because coffee is such an integral part of my daily ability to function, I can't afford to buy it at a shop every day, but I like to really enjoy it when I do go out!  Therefore, I split this post up into two parts: my coffee habits at home and when I am out and about!

My at home coffee routine is pretty basic. I don't usually use fancy coffee and I am currently working my way through some Folgers.  If I am going to get nicer coffee, I do love love love Tully's.  It's not a more common brand, but it is really good coffee that doesn't totally break the bank.

My coffee mug game is where the real fun comes in

My favorite to go coffee mug is this super cute ceramic one from Lilly Pulitzer in Lobstah Roll.  You can't be sad when you have this cup full of coffee with you.
 2) My current favorite at home coffee mug (Fact: I have a lot and they tend to change pretty frequently when I find an awesome new mug!) is this one with the little cows on it.  It is not very big so I need a lot of refills!

Orlando Coffee

For a city as big as Orlando, there doesn't seem to be much of a coffee scene from what I have found so far.  That said, there are two places that I think every coffee lover needs to go when they come to visit!

First Watch.  In addition to having amazing breakfast and juice, their plain ol coffee is out of control good.  I legitimately wanted to sit there all day and just drink coffee.  They do sell the beans as well, so that is probably a little less weird.  Either way, I highly recommend it.

 Lineage in the East End Market in Winter Park is a cute little coffee bar that makes really great espresso drinks.  They are not overly sweet or complicated and the goodness of the espresso is given its own chance to shine.  I have not personally tried it, but I have been told that their cold brew coffee is to die for.  If you are looking for a quality cup of coffee I can not recommend them enough.

Well now that I am dreaming of all the coffee goodness I don't currently have, I am going to pass you along to the next blogger joining the link up!  Go check out Marcie's coffee post and enjoy a cup while you read!

Are you a coffee lover? What is your favorite kind?  Do you make it at home or buy it while you are out? Do you have a favorite mug?!


  1. I pretty much never go out for coffee (although I fully intend to use my free birthday coffee at Starbucks tomorrow), but I buy really good coffee for at home. I love the coffee that's roasted in my parents' town, so I fill my suitcase every time I go LOL.

    1. Happy Birthday!!!
      I love when I find a local roaster that's amazing!

  2. I treat myself once a week with a Starbucks latte but otherwise am brewing it ourselves at home. We do buy Starbucks roasted coffee at Costco.