Thursday, May 22, 2014

Running with friends and dogs

I wasn't going to run today. I was going to take my car in to get the oil changed before I drive to Atlanta this weekend. But my friend texted me and suggested getting in some miles after work so I said yes.  I hurried home and changed my headlight bulb (ALL BY MYSELF! booyah) before changing to my running clothes.  Technically it is too hot outside already for the dog to go with me, but he was so upset that I was going to leave so soon after coming home that I decided he could come along.  We run around the college campus and there is a big lake in the middle so he can always splash around if he gets too hot. And splash we did.

For a part lab he really has a fear of getting all the way in the water. Today we learned to compromise and stick our front feet all the way in while sitting so our whole belly hangs in the water.

Having the dog slowed me down quite a bit and I didn't go as far as I would have liked, but he just makes running so much more fun...and I love to see him happy

I will admit, however, that I am still not sure how I feel about running with friends (of the two-legged variety). The girls I am doing The Color Run with on Saturday are amazing and I have the best time running with them.  I am so impressed with how dedicated they have been to training for this! I also really really really hope they keep running and want to do more because my runs with them just go so much faster!
On the other hand is my friend I will be running a 10k with on Monday.  She has had a very stressful few weeks now and her training has suffered.  This will be her first race and I want to be right next to her the whole time supporting her and cheering her on...dragging her along if necessary. But I will admit I have an ego.  This is my first 10k and I would love to have a respectable time.  I feel like I have to choose between the two.  Of course supporting my friend will win out, but it is still a source of stress for me!

To clear my mind (and to return my books that are almost due!) I finally dusted off my bike and pedaled to the local library.  It's not even two miles round-trip but it reminded me why I love to bike.  It just feels so free!

To end with a little brag, I finally hit 100 miles yesterday!  I am off to a much slower start than I would like, but seeing triple digits makes me smile :)

Help me out: How do you balance running with friends and your personal goals?

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