Monday, November 17, 2014

A little thing called life happened

I’m going to go ahead and be very honest here for a moment: life happened and my marathon training totally derailed.

In addition to all the fun and exciting things that I knew were coming, there was also one major surprise.  

Last Monday I was supposed to go to lunch with my boyfriend.  I walked out to the parking lot at work thinking about cheeseburgers and onion rings and wound up with a very different kind of ring!

Yup, this girl is getting hitched!

Gratuitous ring pic...conveniently taken after I went and got an emergency manicure.  He asked if I was surprised or if I had been suspecting he might propose...I told him if I was expecting it my nails would have been painted and all one length!

The day before, I also went on an awesome hiking trip with Hank and some friends (both two and four-legged) which I justified as replacing my long run even before we started. Halfway through I realized that hiking was actually way more exhausting than any run I have ever been on.  
We got some pretty great pictures though :) By which I mean I got good pictures of Hank. I looked like a goof.

I also started my MBA last week. Because I totally needed one more thing to add to the list of activities!  My book didn't get here this weekend as planned so tonight I will be doing lots of homework.  I really hate to start the class this way but I don't have much other choice.

But before homework it's time to go do a little running (on the treadmill because the weather has turned brutal!)

Hope you have an amazing Monday evening!

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