Wednesday, November 26, 2014

That marathon thing

Four days from now I will be running in my first marathon. Insert a lot of expletives here.
I have mixed feelings about it really. I am excited to do it. I am not expecting spectacular results because my training has been awful. But I believe I will be able to finish it.
Then there is the part of me that's just a little sad and not that interested in going. Things worked out so none of my friends were able to go and my guy can't leave North Carolina. Not because he was arrested, promise ;) So it is turning into one of those events that you plan out so much in your mind that you really aren't sure what to do when it doesn't go according to the plan.
And that's where I will end the pity party. At least I can be thankful that I got my replacement phone in time for the trip...oh and the drive is easily diverted to make me past the Orlando outlets on Black Friday!  Lululemon and Kate Spade here I come!

Happy Thanksgiving eve everybody!

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