Tuesday, December 2, 2014

10 significant moments from my first marathon

I ran the Space Coast Marathon this past Sunday. I'll have a full recap to post soon, but here's a little taste in the form of ten significant moments from the race.

For details of the race you can also check out my BibRave review here.

1) The starting line- it was so overwhelming to realize that this was really it and I was really there. I don't think there are enough words for the million feelings in that moment.

2) Mile 6- This was the first split clock and I realized I was doing alright and keeping the pace I wanted.

3) Mile 9- My hip started to hurt. It has good days and bad days and this was when I began to realize it might be a bad day.

4) Mile 13.1 - I almost quit here. It would have been easy. But the people cheering and knowing I would have regretted it forever kept me going.

5) Mile 16 (ish) - I met up with another runner here and stuck with her for the rest of the race.  She kept me going and chatting made the time pass less painfully. Without her I honestly do not know if I would have finished.

6) Mile 19 - We turned around and started running towards the finish line.  I knew there was still a long way to go, but it was mentally a huge boost to know we were going the "right" direction.

7) Mile 23 - knowing that there was only a 5k left to do was another huge boost.  I wasn't moving any faster but this was the moment when I realized I was actually going to be able to finish my first marathon. I almost started crying. Or maybe I did.

8) Mile 26 - I told myself I was going to run the last .2 miles but I really had no idea where the energy was going to come from.  When I hit mile 26, there were suddenly people on both sides of the course cheering me on by name (yeah I had no idea how much I would appreciate having my name on my bib until then) and they gave me the power to get through to the finish line. The many photographers didn't hurt either.

9) The finish line- it's cheesy, it's cliche, I am still going to say it.  This was a life changing moment. I cried. A lot. Off and on for quite some time.

10) Sitting in the grass after - this was the moment I started wondering what would be different if I actually followed my training plan. It was also the moment I started wondering when I could do this crazy marathon thing again.

then I tried to stand up...

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