Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Weekend Adventure

Oh my gosh yall. I think I had the best Sunday funday of my life this week!!!
I really meant to tell you about it yesterday but wound up going to work instead!
To be totally honest I was a little grouchy when I got up because the weather was not as sunny and warm as predicted and I wasn't sure the fun stuff we had planned was going to work. Kayaking in the cold isn't really my cup of tea haha. Once we decided to brave it I hopped in the shower and Charlie, aka the most amazing person ever, surprised me by running to get iced coffee from Dunkin AND bagel sandwiches from Panera. All the grouchy went away fast after that!
We went down the road to Wekiva Springs and rented a double kayak for a couple hours. 
It was so peaceful and relaxing. As much as I enjoy living close to everything, I really love that we can easily get away from the city and out into the woods where it is a little quieter. 
We definitely didn't need to worry about swimsuits though! It wasn't nearly warm enough to go swimming! 

We did get to see a little bitty alligator though! 
With the threat of a big storm moving towards us we decided to head back rather than risking getting stuck on the river in a bad storm. 

Post kayaking we went to a porch sale at the local outdoor equipment store and scored a great deal on a tent which we set up in our living room as soon as we got home. Because who wouldn't do that right?!

Since we needed to do some grocery shopping we made a pit stop for lunch first. It was National Taco Day so Tijuana Flats was the obvious choice. They were even celebrating with dollar drafts and $2 tacos. 

Fact: grocery shopping is way better after tacos and beer. I highly recommend it. 

Finally it was time to go home and start cooking dinner for the friends that were coming over for dinner! I failed at taking pictures, but my first attempt at shrimp scampi didn't come out too bad. As a side note though you should read the recipe before using the whole box of pasta if you don't want super dry noodles hahaha. 
Overall it was a fantastic day! Even though it's a little late to say so, I hope you had a fantastic weekend too!

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