Saturday, March 28, 2015

Big Big News!

Have you ever found out information via social media that you really wish someone had been considerate enough to tell you more personally? I know I have and I think it is (unfortunately) becoming more and more common.  My friend’s cousin and the cousin’s husband were living with her and she found out via Facebook that they were moving overseas.  Maybe I am the only one obsessed with this manners thing…but it just doesn’t seem right!

That said. I think I finally have all my ducks in a row, so I can finally make the announcement that I am moving to Orlando at the start of May!  My fiancĂ© is living there currently and we have started house shopping.  I could not be more excited to spend a few years living in a real town, near races, and with TONS of running clubs and activities.  Not to mention lack of winter, which is totally a win in my book.

I am going to miss the cute little house I live in now and I am going to miss my running buddy, friends and coworkers.  I will miss driving on roads that are never slowed down with traffic.  I will miss my weekend trips to the mountains.  But I am so excited for the opportunities that the next phase of my life will hold!

I am also going to admit that I have no idea how to make friends! I have been hanging out with work and school friends for the last eight years! Hopefully running clubs will be the answer to that problem  :)

SO! For those who have lived/do live near the Orlando area…I need recommendations! Where do I run? What do I need to eat? What places do the locals go?  Any other advice is obviously welcome! I am an over planner by nature…totally surprising for a runner right?

If I can make it through this move without all my hair turning grey I will count it as a success!

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