Thursday, March 5, 2015

February Resolution Check in and March Goals

February was far from perfect, but far better than January!
I read 5 books (so 6/50 for the year)
I ran 5.7 miles (ugh. So about 6.8/1000 for the year)
I did yoga almost every day! Big win!
My blogging was not up to par. I need internet at my house. Badly.

March I will continue on the same year long goals, but I will also be going soda free for the entire month. It's a habit that I pick up and kick repeatedly and now it's time to kick it again.

With the weather improving this month (hopefully) I should be able to ramp up soon. I have a 10k on the 14th that I'll suffer through and hope it kick starts my running urges. I was tough on myself over my lack of running until I realized that it is something I do to relax and decompress. If going to run is something I am stressing over, that totally defeats the purpose. I am not less of a runner because I don't brave icy back roads I won't even drive on. I am preserving my happy place and keeping it happy.

In the meantime, I am digging hot yoga because it's a workout and you are guaranteed to be warm for a few hours!

Happy Thursday!

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