Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekly Miles- March 23-29

Happy Monday!
I need to keep myself accountable and posting my weekly mileage tends to help with that.  I don't mind slacking off, but I don't like to admit that I've done it!

This past week I ran 3 times for a total of about 7 miles.  The sad part is that I think it is more consistent than I have been in quite some time.  As much as I am trying to convince my body to get back in the groove of piling on the mileage, I need to get both my brain and body used to running consistently.  With the whole moving/wedding planning/house shopping/job searching thing going on I have to work harder to make the time to run.  I always feel better after I do though!

Here is a breakdown of my runs last week:
3/23 - Yoga (throwing it in there because it's my favorite cross-training)
3/24 - 2.5 miles around school campus
3/35 - nothing. ate cake
3/26 - 2.5 miles around school campus
3/27 - rest
3/28 - 2 miles on the track doing speed work
3/29 - rest

Lessons learned: once again I went too far in my first outing in my zero drop shoes and my shins hurt.  Luckily I wore my Zensah calf sleeves and don't have pain in the rest of my leg.  Someday I might learn to ease into these things!

My running/yoga buddy isn't feeling well so I might be on my own this week.  But I am heading to Florida for Easter so I am hoping for this week to fly by!

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