Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Goals

March flew by and my goal of reading every day flew out the window with it. While I also failed to go the entire month without soda, I did notice that I didn’t actually enjoy it when I did break my own rules. It always sounded better than it actually tasted. So I suppose that is a success.

In April, I have a goal to practice yoga daily. I am accepting in advance that this will occasionally mean a couple vinyasas or just a few minutes of child’s pose. Some days will be better than others but I want to devote this month to just doing something daily. I am by no means a yoga instructor, but I look forward to sharing bits of my practice with you J

I am really looking forward to this month! I want it to fly by, but I want to appreciate every minute of it too. I have been living in this town off and on for nearly eight years and leaving behind by friends and coworkers is going to be hard. I am comfortable here and have a great support system to get me through just about anything. I am going to miss my yoga studio and my running buddy like crazy. At the same time, I am excited for this next chapter in my life and all the adventures I know it will hold! There are so many ‘firsts’ coming up so quickly that I think my head might literally start spinning 😊

Tonight I am dropping off the dog with the greatest friend/dog sitter ever and Thursday evening I am Orlando bound for Easter! Bring on the sunshine… and the endless hours on 95 lol.

Happy April everybody!

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