Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Trail to High Adventure 5k

This race was actually a few weeks ago but I have been failing at normal life things for a little while and I am just now getting into a routine and writing this recap.

This will be my personal recap of the race; for the more technical review check out my review on BibRave!

This race was a very small event hosted by a local Boy Scout troop as a fundraiser.  I think they are planning to host more events in the future and I really really hope they do because it was such an enjoyable experience!

I ran this race with two friends.  We were going to run a different (larger) race in the area but picked this one because it was a trail race.  We were apparently not in the majority because it was a very tiny race with less than 20 runners.  We were actually very glad that we picked this event because the hosts were so grateful to everyone that was there and it was just a really laid back event along a great course with all kinds of terrain (we started off on loose sand…not my favorite but it was over quickly).  There was one aid station that you passed twice.  They even had Oreos! 

We kept a steady pace and just enjoyed the scenery as we went. The race started and ended at a horse farm then looped out through a nature preserve.  Despite the rain, the volunteers at the water stop were enthusiastic and cheerful.  We were the last three to finish, but all troop members and their families were there cheering us through the finish.  It was a really great experience!
At the race we got cotton t-shirts (which I have actually worn since then!) which I prefer to tech shirts 99% of the time.  With it being a little race I was shocked when I got a package in the mail from them a couple days later with a medal for being the first female finisher! It is a super cute wood medal and I was so excited.
Overall: great race, great experience. I hope they do it again and that they get bigger and bigger turn outs! They deserve it :)

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