Sunday, December 13, 2015

MinoTOR Review

Disclaimer: I received  MinoTOE samples to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert at science...but that usually doesn't matter so much with "sports drinks" because the science doesn't usually seem to be there.  When I go the opportunity to try out minoTOR I was intrigued because, from what I could understand, there was actual science backing the way the drink works rather than just a lot of fancy advertising.  That said, the package looks really cool too!

When it comes to things foods/beverages that are supposed to supplement your performance, there are a few factors to consider.  At the top of my list are taste, performance, and science. So how did minoTOR stand up in these categories?

At first I will admit that I was not convinced.  minoTOR is very sweet and tastes similar to coconut water.  I am used to the drinks that are loaded with salt and the taste was very different from what I was anticipating.  That said, after that first sip and the resulting realization that it didnt taste like I expected, I actually started to really like it.  If you like coconut water you will like this drink.  While it was never a bad taste, it does get better and more enjoyable when you know what flavor you are expecting.  A big perk was that there was no weird aftertaste or really much of an aftertaste at all.  

I felt like drinking the minoTOR did help me with my energy and also my recovery.  It also settled really well in my stomach. According to the directions it is best to drink minoTOR about half an hour before working out.  I occasionally have a very sensitive stomach when running so I tested this out for the first time before a very short run.  I never once had a problem.  I quickly started using it before longer and longer runs.  Yesterday I drank it before running my 50k (a large portion of which was in 85+ degree heat which can really mess with my tummy) and didn't have even the slightest problem! The caffeine is a big bonus because I pretty much live on the stuff, but too much coffee (aka the amount it takes to get me up and going) can be a really bad idea before a long run.  While I cannot attribute all of my muscle recovery to minoTOR since I also wear a lot of compression gear and use an Addaday roller religiously, I think it did a lot to keep my muscles feeling better from the inside and conttributed significantly to my overall speedy recovery!  Despite the very difficult course yesterday, I can walk today and never experienced the stiffness in my legs to the extent that I have before.  So that leads us to the science part...


In very basic terminology (the kind I understand haha) MinoTOR works by providing amino acids and other nutrients that improve oxygen utilization which in turn better flushes out waste products like lactic acid.  If you are interested at all in exercise science, lactic acid is a very familiar thing. When your body works more effiecienlty you perform better, feel better, and recover better.  I like to think that my general lack of major soreness today can, in large part, be attributed to my body working more efficiently thanks to the scientific benefits of MinoTOR.  If you are interested in learning more about the science behind MinoTOR, be sure to check out their website which has a ton of information!  While many go-to sports and recovery drinks have a long history but not a lot of science to back the product, I am so impressed with the massive amounts of information available to explain how and why MinoTOR works.

I would highly recommend MinoTOR to anyone who wants a drink that will allow them to train and recover smarter.  There are many things you can do to and for the outside of your body to help, but it is important to help yourself from the inside.  While the taste is pretty sweet, I appreciate the lack of after taste and the fact that it settled quickly and easily in my stomach.
Bonus points for the fact that the bottle fit in my OrangeMud vest and saved my tail yesterday when I forgot the bottle in my refrigerator yesterday!

Have questions about minoTOR or my experience with it? Let me know! I am always happy to help :)

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