Monday, February 16, 2015

I'm a BibRave Pro! and other weekend happenings

If you follow me on Twitter then this is way old news, but I found out on Friday that I was invited to become a BibRave Pro. Obviously I accepted the invitation and I still can’t stop smiling about it.  I tried to share the good news with my mom, but the whole internet thing still baffles her occasionally (sorry if you are reading this mom) and the idea of running for fun will always baffle her.  So she was nonplussed.  Nevertheless I am stoked!

Just in case you haven’t heard of BibRave, you should go check it out! It is pretty much the Yelp/UrbanSpoon/Google reviews of the running race world.  I am pretty much addicted to it and I feel like it is a useful tool to help you avoid any potentially awful races…or to double check if someone has told you a race is bad but you want another opinion!  There is also a Twitter chat every Tuesday night at 9pm (East Coast Time).  That means tomorrow night! Use #bibchat, check it out and join in because it is a blast!  There isn’t exactly a running community where I live and the bibchat community has been invaluable to me in my running journey.

I guess this also means I need to brave the cold and run more!

After starting off on that high note, this weekend continued to be busy and so fun!
Saturday I spent a majority of the day out at our school barn watching the horse show and hanging out with friends. (Confession, I miss riding so much it’s making me crazy!) When I finally couldn’t feel my toes anymore I went home to play with the dog for a while then celebrated Valentine’s Day with a friend.  We made lasagna and garlic knots and drank pink moscato.  It was a fantastic evening!
Sunday morning I started out by baking a King Cake with a coworker.  Mardi Gras has become a big deal at school and we somehow got conned into entering a king Cake baking competition. I have a KithenAid mixer and she has an oven (I don’t) so we teamed up and were actually quite successful!  I then rushed home and met my friend so we could go to yoga. More specifically: Beyonce Booty Yoga.  We left a little early and went to TJ Maxx (where I got a great Brooks running tank for $17! Score!) and Dick’s Sporting Goods where I made the mistake of trying on the Brooks Pureflow 4s.  I really meant to stock up on the Pureflow 3s now that they are being phased out by the newer model.  But the 4s won me over.  I put one on and fell in love immediately.  I will probably still hunt around for a deal on the 3s and pick up another pair, but the 4s are now in my future.  Beyonce Booty did not disappoint, although it was more like total body exhaustion! It was a fun combo of barre, yoga, and dancing which I can totally get into.  I am so sore today, it is unreal.  The instructor had us doing a few variations of calf raises that will be making a routine appearance in my life from now on. Hopefully they will help keep my calves strong enough to avoid ouches in the future.  On a side note, if you have never done wall sits to Beyonce blasting you have never fully experienced life!  I realized I can dance and wall sit simultaneously…mad skill yall. Post yoga I annihilated a Moe’s burrito…I thought I was going to die of hunger!  Fun fact: the grocery store in my town doesn’t sell purple sprinkles apparently.  Since they are pretty much a necessity for King Cake we also made a pit stop at Michaels for those, then hit up Purple Penguin for frozen yogurt.  It was a new place to me and I am not totally sold, but it was still pretty good.  After a pit stop for dog food and another to apply sprinkles to the King Cake, I finally made it home to take a fantastic shower.  Showers after a long day and after getting sweaty are just five million times better than regular showers. It’s a fact.
Today it is back to the office life…with lots of Beyonce on Spotify because I am not over it yet!  Tonight I am headed back to yoga (just the regular kind this time) and hopefully tomorrow I can get a run in! We are under a winter weather advisory though, so we will see what happens!
Did you have an awesome weekend? I hope so!

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