Friday, February 13, 2015

Sweet Freedom...sorta

Today I submitted my final exam for my MBA class and the sigh of relief was real my friend.
The classes weren't that challenging, they were just so time consuming it was unreal. In addition to working until 8 once a week, I was also in the classroom until 9ish two nights a week.
I need my beauty sleep y'all.
I feel a bit like a quitter for ending my MBA pursuit after just two classes, but I think I am finally realizing that what other people think of what you do, and the societal pressure you might feel, mean nothing if it is not helping you and if you feel like it is preventing you from pursuing more meaningful things. Sure having an MBA would look good on my resume, but if it doesn't contribute to my actual happiness why bother?  It wasn't necessary and it was causing way more stress than it was worth!

Will I regret this someday? Maybe. But right now it feels great :)

Now...this weekend I get to sign up for some races!!

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