Tuesday, January 20, 2015

10 Songs For Tuesday!

This is going to be the week I get back into the swing of things.  I say that every week, but that means I will eventually be right. I hope.
Today did not get off to a great start if I was looking for a good set up for an easy day.  Instead of waking up to the smell of coffee, I woke up to my dog growling at the coffee pot which was making sounds that I have only heard previously in my nightmares.  Really: it was like my cat getting sick mixed with a garbage disposal.  I presumed the worst, but luckily I found that I had simply forgotten to put the top down so the heated water wasn't making its way to the coffee.  Hallelujah. Day saved.
Luckily last night was hot yoga so I was mentally prepared for a pretty hectic and not fun day.
As a treat to myself for surviving this Tuesday (ugh, is it really not Friday yet?) I started working on a new playlist for my spring workouts.  I use Spotify at work, so it is nice to just add to the playlist throughout the day.  It feels like a little reward every time I stop working to move a song.  That sounds a little sad lol.

I am very music motivated, so when I am putting a playlist together I (obviously) like to use songs that I really look forward to hearing.  One perk of Spotify is that I can change out my songs all the time with no problem.  The downside is that I am totally lazy.  So, I like to use songs that aren't on the radio so I won't get tired of hearing them all the time!  I also only put them on my running/workout playlist so I can convince myself that I have to go be active to hear my songs.

That said, here are ten songs I am currently loving!

1) Reflections by MisterWives
2) Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene by Hozier (Take Me To Church breaks all the rules but still makes the list by the way!)
3) Scream My Name by Tove Lo
4) The Hanging Tree by Jennifer Lawrence (but not the electro remix version. the movie version. because I hate the version they play on the radio but the movie one is haunting and amazing)
5)Red Hands by Walk Off the Earth
6) Riptide by Vance Joy
7) All My Love by Major Lazer, Arianna Grande and some others
8) Easy by Son Lux and Lorde
9) Hold Back the River by James Bay
10) Devil's Spoke by Laura Marling (an older one but I never get tired of it.)

If you didn't notice, a lot of these are from the Mockingjay part 1 CD.  I apologize for nothing.  I am shamelessly obsessed.

If you have song suggestions please share!

Happy Tuesday :)

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