Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wedding Planning Wednesday 2.0

So I have a confession on this planning thing, I am so backwards already it's rather comical.  We have no venue, no colors, and (barely) have a halfway solid attempt at a guest list.  But I have a dress!

Every planner I have read says that this is the wrong way to do things and that the dress should be purchased much later in the process. But really, I never listen.

It all started because the designer I was totally in love with was having a trunk show just up the road (ok, two hours away) and they had the one dress that I was OMG so convinced was the one.  So my ever so patient best friend went with me to go dress perusing.  I got to try on the dress and I didn't hate it, but wasn't convinced I loved it.  The perk of having a lot of time left to plan was that I knew I didn't have to make up my mind right that moment.  Thank goodness for not pushy sales people. 

I went home for Christmas and knew it would probably be my only opportunity to try on dresses with my mom and gramma which was a big, important thing to me.  So we went to this teeny tiny shop in my hometown and had a blast!  Seriously, if you are in Central WA, check out Unforgettable in Yakima.  They rocked and had a crazy huge selection. I didn't think my mom would be that into it, but she was having a blast pulling out dresses faster than I could try them on.  Of course there was one that she pulled out that stayed on the end of the rack for quite some time because it just didn't match any pictures I had in my head of what my dress was going to look like.  I finally tried it on, admittedly mostly to humor her.  And it was perfect.  It was that amazing moment of know that I found the perfect dress.  And if I can just keep bragging about this perfect moment, it was a sample sale dress and it fits perfectly.  I might need to get it hemmed, but that and a bustle are the only alterations it needs! I was so beyond thrilled.

No I didn't cry and mom didn't cry, but it was as close as either of us were ever going to get to happy crying over a dress.

Of course I am not sharing a dress picture, but here I am with the bag it is living in!

To get to the deeper bit behind this post...because if I am going to get all gushy about a bunch of white fabric I want to share the life lesson too.  I went into this process terrified because it meant all eyes on me and being open to people criticizing the way things looked on me.  It also meant seeing all the bits of myself that I didn't like and having others see them too.  I tried on so many dresses where I was totally hung up on the illusion of a pooch or the fabric bulging and making me look heavier than I am.  As a fitness minded person I know I am too conscious of my body and I know I can be too hard on the way I look.  Running, and being so grateful for what my body is able to do is really what got me through the process.

So there you have it, the deeper meaning behind wedding dress shopping! Tomorrow I promise to get back to the fitness stuff :)

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