Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Netflix= the anti-workout

I have no run to recap (for several reasons that will follow) so it is time for Ten Things Tuesday!

1)  I have been slacking on blogging lately in part because Netflix put up the second season of Orange is the New Black.  Seriously, if you haven't watched it you totally should.  Except when you find yourself avoiding all other activities because you just want to find out what happens next...I was not the one to make the recommendation ;)

2) The weather here is getting crazy.  The high at the end of the week is over 100.  Plus 100% humidity. Plus thunder storms that are shaking the walls.  This is a large part of why I didn't run today...plus Netflix...

3) I had this amazing salad for lunch.  I need to eat salad more often.

4) I knew soda cans could explode from freezing but I didn't know heat could do the same thing.  Is anyone else guilty of keeping a case of soda in their car so it's not really cold and easy to get to, but you can get one if you really crave it?  I am a total caffeine junkie!

5) I am an over-planner.  I have a couple trips coming up and I spent my lunch break looking up the best places to go running.

6) Summers in North Carolina make me a little bit homesick.  I miss cherry season and gardening and dry heat.  I miss all the fun things we got to do as a family.

7) North Carolina has it's perks though.  The beach is much closer and warmer!

8) This wasp had me trapped in my office when I was trying to leave for the day.  I am not allergic or all that scared.  I just have a natural desire to avoid pain...and it was huge!

9) This weekend we made baked garbanzo beans while the pizza was in the oven.  They taste great but I don't think I cooked them long enough because they weren't really crunchy.  Anyone with experience want to weigh in on what the texture should be?
10) Hank might sit in his crate all day practicing this.  He certainly has the judgey face down to an art form!

Alright yall.  It is time for me to head to bed.  By which I mean time to finish the last episode (already?!) of Orange is the New Black then eventually fall asleep.

Tell me a thing (or ten!) about your Tuesday :)

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