Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sum-it-up Saturday: dead phone edition

It seems to be a theme this week that any and all posts I plan will not turn out the way they are meant to!  I had a great time taking pictures before and during my run today but my poor iphone totally died.  It turns on but it will not charge.  At all.  I got a new phone (yay!) but all my pictures (and contacts) seem to be a lost cause for now.  Perhaps the phone will change it's mind and work again eventually!

Now to get down to business.  Maybe half the reason I started this blog was so I would have a way to keep track of my training and to remember what worked and did not work for me...and of course to let readers adventure with me and learn from my mistakes :)

So here is my weekly fitness recap and my long run recap:

This week:

I was bad. Really bad.  I ran a total of two times for a total distance of 12.5 miles.  I did ride my bike on Sunday for cross training.  End of story.  It wasn't pretty!

Long run today: 11 miles at 7 am

Pre-run hydration- yesterday I drank an ok amount of water but it needed to be more.  Next week I will aim to fill my cup at work at least 5 times.  I felt thirsty the whole run.

Dinner - had a big salad with fruits and veggies. No problem this morning

Sleep - Pretty good.  Got 8 hours last night but still making up from earlier this week.

Breakfast - a slice of whole wheat bread with apricot preserves.  Just enough to keep my tummy happy.

Fueling - I had one Jet Blackberry GU around 5 miles/50 minutes.  The GU was pretty good and I didn't have any problems with it.  I could feel it kick in a lot more than I am used to with the chews.  Taste and texture didn't bother me at all. Given the heat I would probably have been better off if I had carried at least one more.

Hydration - used the Nathan triangle belt, ran out of water again so I'm going to need to work on this part for longer training runs. I do like the belt pretty well though.

Wore - Merrel mix master shoes, random running socks, Reebok compression shorts, Champion compression sports bra, Seahawks shirt, and my Adidas hat. It might be time to start looking for new shoes. Love love love these ones but they are too snug in the summer months. The shirt was also not practical and showed every drop of sweat.....but I knew that going in and just really wanted to wear it haha!

Where - the roads near my house. This part went well. Very little traffic, pretty flat, occasional shade.

Overall-  I started the run too late again and paid for it with the heat. Nothing really hurt but my mind and body both felt tired. Goal this week is to get more sleep and go out earlier!

Sorry again for lack of pictures. I am trying to take as many as I can so my phone doesn't feel so empty.

How was your weekend run?

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