Friday, June 27, 2014

Food Lovin' Friday: lots of leftovers edition

I'm not going to lie, the heat really kills my appetite.  It get's even worse when I run in this weather!  Some days I want to eat everything in sight, but more often I am eating whatever I made ahead because I know I have to eat something.

Saturday night I went to Brixx and had this totally amazing sandwich and fruit.

We went to see a movie but skipped the popcorn because we were stuffed and had this delicious cheesecake waiting at home.

The rest of the week I mostly stuck with leftovers. With a pbj or two thrown in.

Plus I found this at Big Lots and couldn't resist. Very delicious snacking!

As efficient as it is to just eat leftovers all week it sure doesn't make for very fun recaps!

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