Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ten Things Tuesday: morning run edition

I got up and ran before work today...I think this qualifies as a genuine miracle so I am dedicating this post to my morning run!

1) I overslept. No surprise there really.

2) I got to run with my favorite running buddy and we practiced running selfies.

3) Morning is still way hotter than I realized. The "feels like" temperature is already 83!

4) Looking at my selfie attempts made me realize I wore my shirt backwards. Classy.

5) I tried out the "Running to Rock" Spotify playlist and really liked it.

6) Hank was worn out!

7) A banana after a run is great. Nora agrees.

8) Iced coffee is even better than a banana.

9) I'm still sucking at hydrating. I could really feel it this morning.

10) I know they are called ballerina buns for good reason, but I'd like petition to have them renamed "post morning run showered and don't want to blow dry m hair buns." Wordy I know, but so much more inclusive

Question: Are you a fan of running in the morning? How do you get motivated?

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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