Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ten Things Tuesday

1) I decided that I'm going to give every day a theme...and that Tuesday will be the day for a random list of ten things!

2) My goal this week is to get up and run in the morning. It's getting way too hot out during the day. I am very much not a morning person so this is a big challenge.
3) I love my crockpot so much. Today I made chicken tacos and it was amazing. (I swear I am working on taking more pictures, but my boyfriend came over and I abandoned my phone in the car)

4) Today was the first time in probably a couple years that I had to stop a run before I hit my goal.  Before, I have stopped due to pain. Today I just finally hit my heat limit. Running in NC is hard in the summer and I thought I was doing well. Today it was 93 with a heat index of 98 and I just could not keep going. 

5) Yesterday was a very long day and I forgot to pack a lunch so I had the pecan chicken salad sandwich from Arby's. 
The chicken salad is pretty good, but their bread is just perfect!

6) I currently reading as fast as I can through The Mortal Instruments series. I am starting book four today and might be at a total loss when the story runs out. 

7) I had to do a campus tour in the crazy heat today, but I got to see my blue heron buddy. 
There is no filter on the picture and his friend went flying across the lake shortly after. It was the best thing I saw today!

8) Spotify pre-made playlists that they feature throughout the day/week are the greatest thing and I have been having the best time picking from those! When not listening to playlists I am playing Iggy Azalea on repeat. It's an addiction. 

9) The best part of every day is when I get to take this precious puppy for his lunch time walk!

10) 10 o'clock is my new self-imposed bed time! It's hard to put everything down and go to sleep then, but it's making me feel so much better the following day!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week! If you use Spotify, do you have a favorite playlist?
And give me book recommendations if you have any :)

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