Thursday, June 12, 2014

Post Sprint Ouchies, Cross Training, and Thankful Thursday

Apparently those sprints yesterday did not agree with my feet or calves. My left leg in particular is not feeling so hot, so I decided to take a day off from running and go for a bike ride instead.  I think I went about 5 miles total.

 My bike riding selfie game is strong...
My bike is totally not a speedy race bike.  More along the lines of a beach cruiser.  There will be more pictures after it gets a proper bath.

  There was a storm rolling in as I was going, but it made for some amazing pictures.  And I got back before it hit...which is good because the thunder and lightning are pretty intense now!

It's probably a good thing that I have some variety in my workouts to share, because my daily life isn't too share-worthy.  Today I did get to meet with a really great Canadian family and they made me want to learn French and be talented and bilingual.  But I didn't figure it would go over well if I asked them to take a selfie with me haha.
This is also why my SnapChat game is pretty weak.  I can only take so many silly face office selfies and pictures of my coffee cup.  Is it travel season yet?!
Perhaps one of the most interesting things I did today was to wear my bright orange skirt and snap a bathroom selfie:
I need yall to be impressed bcause that is about as good as it gets.  Actually, tomorrow is Fancy Pants Friday so I am looking forward to that.  We will see what I find in my closet for the occasion!

Now for: Thankful Thursday
I felt it was only right for me to follow up the day where I whine about things I want with a day where I express my gratitude.
Today I am showing my appreciation for the small things in life.  I am thankful for these amazing shoes and I am thankful that my job will allow me to wear them every day of the week, all summer long!

My feet are very much becoming "runner's feet" (feel free to substitute the words "haggard" or "very ugly") and I appreciate being able to let them out of shoes for a while!

Oh and because I can't resist: the second thing I am thankful for today (okay there are lots of things but this one is fresh on my mind!) is that the 3rd Series of Sherlock is now on Netflix! Hooray!

On that note, I am off to finish this episode and get some sleep.

What show/movie is on Netflix that I absolutely have to watch next? 

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