Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ten Things Tuesday: slackers edition

I'm back! Life got a little (ok a lot) hectic and I've been running in probably a million circles while still managing to avoid my planned runs. Yikes! So today's ten things are split in half. Five things making life crazy and five things I've been doing instead of running.

1) Our WiFi router croaked in one of the bajilion thunderstorms we had. No internet is no fun.

2) Our plumbing is also not working and keeps getting worse instead of better. It started with the washing machine "draining" all over the dining room. The the kitchen sink was on the fritz. Showers have worked (albeit very slowly) until this morning. Pre-workday run was canceled when I woke up and saw this
Makes you want to jump right in right? Anyways the plumber is supposed to come today. Of course they were supposed to come Thursday as well.

3) It has been hot as all get out and humid to boot. I'm very much not a morning person, but by the time I get off work the heat index is over 100 and I'm ready to,lay in bed and do nothing.

4) On that note, I did a ton of campus tours last week and I'm going to go ahead and count all that walking in the heat as cross training lol.

5) And last for the making life crazy things is the fact that I have been mentally burnt out. I just don't want to get out the door for a run. It's been a battle but I think this will be my rebound week.

6) (aka part 2, #1) I've been traveling! The boyfriend and I went to see his dad in the Tampa, FL area for the 4th of July and had a blast. Lots of hours in the car and one the beach, but it was a great change of pace and scenery.

The run was hot but fantastic and the view was incredible. Then I went and soaked in some sun for the rest of the day!

7) I'm planning more travel! This weekend I am heading to the mountains of NC for a tiny bit of work and lots of fun time. I have already planned a running route to see of the 6 major waterfalls in the DuPont forrest...and a lake swim to finish it out! Follow me on instagram@ seejessrun711 for picture updates throughout the weekend!

8)  Hank and I had a great "mommy-doggy day" yesterday. He had a lesson then,we explored Raleigh, went to the dog park, picked out some new treats and a toy at petsmart, and met dad for dinner at Moe's.

We practiced our new "place" command and took some selfies in the car. Because we are cool like that. 

9) I'm knitting a sweater and dreaming of colder weather. Actually my roommate runs the a.c. high enough that I might need it indoors before the fall even gets here! 
It's gotten bigger since that picture but still isn't super interesting. The fun part is still to come.

10) And finally, I've been eating a ton of frozen yogurt! 

As much as I love SweetFrog here in NC, we found a place called yogurt mountain in Clearwater and it is my favorite of all the frozen yogurt places I've been to.

And that's ten! So glad I've finally made it through a post and I am hoping the success will carry over to running this evening! 

Hope you had an amazing holiday weekend! 

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