Thursday, July 10, 2014

Banishing Boring

So I've realized my life is a little bland. I live in a really small town so when I'm not traveling I am pretty much either at home or working. I run the same routes every week. I tend to eat the same foo all week.
Probably the most exciting thing to happen in the last couple days was our plumbing getting repaired last night. Never underestimate the joy of running water.
Warning, this is about to go from whiney to existential. Watch out.
Now I really just started typing this out without a clue where I was headed with it. Then I remembered my old theory that there really aren't boring things, just boring people. I realized I had let myself become boring and that I had started accepting boring. Not good y'all.
So I'm starting the 100 happy days challenge. I need to remind myself that good stuff happens every day and that I need to appreciate it instead of always chasing something bigger and better!
Tonight I'm headed to the mountains for work and play, so I should have an easy time getting started!

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