Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ten Things Tuesday: marathon anxiety edition

Apparently this week I am going to bombard you with more information than you ever wanted or needed about my habit of worrying about everything.

As I'm starting training for my first marathon I obviously have plenty to worry about...and I am totally doing so.

So here are ten things I am freaking out about a little bit.

1) Injury. My body loves to mess with me and this is a lot of running.

2) Getting sick. Last year I ran my first race (a 10 mile trail race) and I was totally unprepared because I had been sick for weeks and unable to run or breathe.

3) Balancing travel and training. September is the start of my travel season which usually means working from 8 in the morning to 8 at night. In lots of different places and with a different schedule daily. It can make a training routine challenging to say the least.

4) Being unprepared. I am terrified that for one or all of the reasons above I will start this marathon feeling totally unprepared and overwhelmed.

5) Being alone on race day. So my boyfriend is supposed to be going with me, but he is in the army and they are already working to ruin that plan. First marathon = hard. First marathon with nobody cheering for you = no words.

6) Oversleeping on race day. I'm not a morning person and this thing starts early!

7) Running without music. I love listening to music while I run. It's the best. But the rules say no headphones. (I've seen some in pictures from previous years so this might be something they don't enforce?)

8) DNF. These might be the scariest three letters ever. No matter what anyone says about DNF being better than did not start.

9) Not crying at the finish line. I would be lying if I said I wasn't expecting this to be a life changing experience. I am scared of just feeling exhausted after instead of appreciating what I accomplished.

10) Forgetting to enjoy the process and the experience. You only get one first marathon and I don't want to worry so much that I forget how cool this all really is!

Anybody else prone to over planning anxiety?
Or do you happen to be running the Space Coast Marathon and want to be friends? Because that would be great :)

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