Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WTF Wednesday

So today was my long day at work. Then when I got home I waited for it to get a little cooler so I could go run. Spoiler alert: it's dark out and still almost 90 (and that's not counting the humidity factor).  Needless to say I missed my run and I am really missing the cool front we had moving through last week.  Tomorrow I am going to try to double up on my runs if the weather cooperates.

Wishful Wednesdays really weren't working for me.  I just wasn't feeling it and struggled to come up with new stuff that wasn't repetitive and didn't make me sound like a materialistic brat.  So next week I am going to start participating in the What I Ate Wednesday blog link-up. I am actually pretty excited about that. And a little nervous because I don't even know how much I actually eat in a day.  I am a habitual snacker.

So, in the downtime, I am going to use this Wednesday to compile a list of WTF moments and random osbervations.  Because I seem to be having a lot of them and my brain can only make a few sentences at a time after this long of a day!

1) There is something living in the backyard of this house that is eating all the little nubs off the pinecones and leaving the core.  I don't think pinecones have cores but you know what I mean.  They have also dug up a little dirt. And Hank thinks they smell fascinating when we go out for him to do his business.  So fascinating that he takes forever to do said business and my feet end up covered in bites from the million bajillion ants that are also living in the backyard.  And the mosquitoes contribute.

2) How the heck do you afford AI, end up pregnant, then get on food stamps? I don't get it.  On that note, how do you go through the whole process (trying AI several times) and not realize until after you are pregnant that you should probably stop smoking?

3) How can people still be drinking Minute Maid and calling it juice? The label says it contains 3% juice.  Doesn't count!

4) Is anyone else totally obsessed with BigLots?  Confession: the one in my town is a little sketch and the usual people in there are not the classiest but they have some awesome deals on great stuff.  I usually went in there to get Clif bars because they had the cherry ones which were my all time favorite.  But now they don't have any Clif bars at all.  But I got a 16 pack of Lara bars for $8 which was a pretty great deal since I think they are usually over a dollar each.  I got the Pumpkin Pie ALT bar first and that one was ok. But today I picked up the Cherry Pie ones and they totally rocked my world! so glad I have 15 more to eat :)

5) BigLots also had this Godiva chocolate and I really wanted something sweet.  I haven't had dessert food in a while! Also I kind of had to but it..I was buying God for sixty cents.  I shared with a co-worker because I am nice like that...and because I offered before I ate a square. It was amazing.

6) Prior to the chocolate bar, I made myself an egg sandwich.  I hadn't had one in ages and was so excited.

7) This weekend I bought a shirt that says "SWEAT LIKE A PIG TO LOOK LIKE A FOX" except with pictures of a pig and a fox.  I liked it because I laugh at the idea of wearing it while I work out because there is pretty much nothing foxy about that situation.  All pig.  Also because I used to raise pigs and know first hand that they actually can't sweat. (nerd alert) Anyways, the WTF moment came when a dad was buying the same shirt for his 9 (ish) year old daughter.  I mean I am not a parent, but shouldn't some things be universally unacceptable? PSA: please don't objectify your young children and try to help them not objectify themselves.  I used to work with a lot of 12 year olds that were already putting themselves on diets when they clearly didn't need to be. Now I work with juniors in high school who already have two kids.  The madness has to stop somewhere.

Ok so maybe this post was more rant than WTF moments, but it feels good to put it out there. 
What has you saying WTF this week?

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