Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Totally Random Tuesday Ten

Well I usually like to give these lists a theme...or at least attempt some continuity. Today that is probably not going to happen because life is beyond hectic. So here are ten totally random things I'm thinking about today!
Oh, I am also on a dog and gif kick.  These things might be my go-to stress busters!

1) I just looked at the calendar and realized our new students are arriving in one week and one day. I'm in admissions so that officially makes this a crazy week.

2) Travel starts in one month. Also crazy and also something I am feeling totally unprepared for.

3) For stress relief I browsed local runs and I'm so excited to sign up for the NC Halloween Half Marathon on November 1st in Spring Lake.  If you are nearby, come run with me!  It is supposed to e a very flat and fast course.  And Halloween theme...so that automatically wins!

4) Number 3 means I am now brainstorming costume ideas...which is pretty much one of my top 10 favorite activities.

5) I also need to come up with a costume for the Space Coast Marathon.

6) I'm hoping to start moving in a week and a half so I guess I really need to start packing. I do not enjoy packing at all. But it will be a good time to declutter.

7) I wish the rain would go away. Or at least be more respectful of my running schedule. I guess I need to find a treadmill.
Two dogs running on the same treadmill animated gif

8) The best part of rain is rain boots and puddle stomping. I don't have any right now but I really want some Hunter wellies.
Please wait, I need to play in the puddle animated gif

9) Watching new students get here makes me really miss being a student. Maybe it's time to get my masters?

10) My feet have been attacked by grown up shoes (and the blisters they cause) as well as a large dog landing on them and a bajillion red ant bites So tonight they are getting a little spoiled!

And here is Hank demonstrating how most people probably feel having read that.  Sorry y'all.

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