Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10 Fall Favorites!

Well today I was going to post 10 tips on nutrition while traveling...but yesterday I lived on Starbucks and the lasagna they served for dinner at my college fair and I was feeling very unqualified to write that post at the moment! Maybe next week :)

Instead, I want to share my 10 favorite things for fall. And fall is my favorite season so I am pretty excited!

1) Chili. In particular this chicken chili. I found this recipe from My Home Is Rich With Love last year and love love love it. I didn't use the kale but might try it next time. Not my photo, it goes with the recipe!

2) Cooler running weather. Ok, my part of NC is a little behind on this and not cooling dwn very fast, but it's getting here!

3) Seasonal beers.  It is a proven fact that fall has the very best seasonal beers. My taste buds proved that and will be testing the evidence again this year!

4) Sitting by the fireplace. Bonfires are also great but I am so excited to use my new fireplace.

5) The clothes. I love boots, sweaters, and scarves. And hats. Fall means I get to start wearing all of these things and it makes me smile. (Oh and I get to see my mom's dog again soon!)

6) Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays and I go crazy planning costumes every single year. Just disregard the 4 or 5 years in a row I wore the same witch costume back in the day.

7) Not having to run the air conditioning. It makes my eyes dry and it makes me sneeze.  Not having to run it also usually means being able to go outside without immediately dripping sweat.  Hallelujah.

8) Thanksgiving dinner.  Another holiday where I go fairly overboard. Last year I made all this food for myself and the boyfriend. Well he fried the turkey but the point is the quantity of food. My gramma has always cooked too much for every holiday and I am proud to keep that tradition alive and well!

9) Pumpkin soup. Since I seem to be on a food tangent, this is another one of my favorites.  I got hooked on pumpkin soup while studying abroad in northern Italy.

10) Mums. These flowers are just beautiful and they make me smile! If I wasn't living in a hotel at the moment I would be sharing lots of pictures of all the ones I have on my front porch!

So happy fall and happy Tuesday to all!

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