Monday, September 8, 2014

Marathon Training Monday: Week 6

Today I drove over 420 miles through a ton of rain and traffic. Hoping for more running and less driving tomorrow!

That said: here is a recap of marathon training last week.

I finally finished moving all of my darn belongings last weekend…can I get an amen?  The weight room/fitness center/place with the treadmills finally opened again this Thursday.  This all means that I am FINALLY getting back on track with marathon training. Much more slowly than I would lie, but I am getting there.
The best part about going to the gym is that there is also an elliptical. I love these because I need to amp my cardiovascular fitness back up in a hurry and they let me do that without worrying about getting shin splints or just hurting myself in general by adding miles back too quickly. I know a mile on the elliptical does not equal a mile running, but I find them useful for getting my heart rate up and my body working.

Monday through Wednesday I did nothing (training wise).  I am just going to blame the weather. It has been hot, humid, and there has been a lot of rain and even more lightning.  Also I was just plain tired from moving
Thursday: 1 mile warm up on elliptical, 3 miles on treadmill at 10 min/mile, 1 mile cool down on elliptical.
Friday: 2 miles on elliptical, 1 mile on treadmill averaging a 9.25 pace, 2 more miles on the elliptical. (Side note: this was supposed to be my rest day but I was just really excited about running again!)
Saturday: 2.5 miles on the treadmill averaging 10’23” per mile. (Side note again: this was supposed to be my long run day but I ended up working all day.)
Sunday: no running. More rain, even more lightning.  Does babysitting a 2 year old boy count as cross training?

Here's to some sleep and many more miles to come!

Happy new week all.

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