Saturday, September 20, 2014

What weekend?

Happy Saturday everybody!

I’m back in the office today killing time between when I picked up my rental car and when I need to go answer admissions questions for some baseball players. And by killing time I mean I am about to send out over 3000 emails via ConstantContact. Also known as my all time favorite program for sending lots of emails. And no they did not pay me to say that lol.

I will admit I actually woke up in time to go for my run this morning, but I decided to be lazy and go back to sleep instead. I wanted to make coffee at home but my almond milk was mostly frozen and probably way past being good anyhow. So of course in had to stop and get some creamer on the way to the office.  And of course the peppermint mocha kind was sale so it was really the only logical choice. I know winter is still way far away, so let’s just keep this a secret purchase for now J

Yogurt was also on sale and I am excited to try the new aspartame free Yoplait. I really don’t like light yogurt all that much, but all the good flavors are light.
Gotta love the office coffee pot... and apparently I love pastry flavored yogurt!

After work today I have to go drop Hank off with my friends for what feels like the rest of my life. Tomorrow morning is the most viable option left for running tome, so that means packing all my stuff tonight. Assuming my pace is more like my Wednesday run and less like my run last Saturday I should have plenty of time to knock out 15 miles before I need to hit the road for an afternoon college fair. Doing my long run tomorrow also means I can get two drinks at Starbucks after the college fair (during their BOGO) totally guilt free.  Because who doesn’t love free coffee?  The drive after won’t be more than a couple hours, but I am so glad #Runchat is at 10 so I won’t miss it!

I’ll be in Greenville and Spartanburg, SC this week so if you know of a fun running group I can drop in with please let me know! I already plan to run through Falls Park, but particular route suggestions are also more than welcome!

P.S. did you know fall officially starts on Tuesday?! It’s my favorite season so I’m pretty excited. And by pretty excited I mean I have the day marked in my planner at least three different ways J


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