Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Run Like An Elephant

Have you ever run on a treadmill that makes you keep checking behind you for the stampeding herd of elephants you are sure are following you? Yeah my hotel last night had one.  It shook s terribly during the entire run that I was pretty sure I must have gained at least 50 pounds.

The fitness center felt totally freezing when I went in, but after only a quarter mile running I was convinced I was going to die of a heat stroke.  Probably not the most fortuitous start.  I plugged along to mile 1.5 or so then stopped to answer a call from the boyfriend. (Not my usual but he is out doing Army things so I do my best to be able to talk when he gets the chance.) Immediately after getting off the treadmill I got that awful acidic taste in my mouth and was convinced I was going to get sick.  I sat against the wall and sipped some water while he chatted and the feeling mostly went away.  I will confess (because accountability right?) that I called it quits at that point.  So out of my 4 intended miles  I did 1.5.  Not a great start to the week.

Where do you draw the line though?  I struggle with this with pain and stomach issues all the time.  If I am home and running outside and start to feel sick, I slow down and work my way back up when I can.  If I get sick, I get it over with and get on with life.  On a treadmill that is a little more difficult.  I also had a really bad experience last year with getting food poisoning during travel so I am very cautious whenever I feel the least bit sick.  This part of my job puts a lot of stress on my body and my immune system.

I also decided to skip signing up to try a spin class early this morning. It sounded really fun and I am beyond bummed, but I need all the sleep I can get and I think I need to avoid unnecessary stress on my body until I make sure I am healthy and this was just a fluke. Fingers crossed!

Tonight I am scheduled for 7 miles at race pace, though I might take it a little easier depending on how I feel.

Last but not least: I am so excited that I finally remembered #10on10 on the 10t h and not the 11th or later. So check back later for my day in 10 pictures!

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