Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Five: Favorite Summer Drinks

I Happy Friday! Once again I am linking up with Mar on the RunYou Signed Up for What?, and Eat Pray Run DC for the Friday Five link up.  If you haven't checked it out already you's a great way to discover new blogs about running and fitness :) 

Today we are talking about favorite summer drinks! With the heat and humidity in Orlando it's important to stay hydrated so this is a fun one :)

1) Water. I know it's a little bit boring, but in the summer I can really feel the difference in my body if I don't drink enough. 

2) Juices. Not the 1% juice concentrate stuff. Real juice. It's so fresh and tasty! First Watch has this green juice that has kale and green apples and is delicious. 

3) Iced coffee. Usually from Dunkin, although Krispy Kreme has some feat iced coffee too. This is my favorite mid day pick me up. 

4) Smoothies. This is my go to way of getting some kind of nutrients in my body when it's just too hot to eat real food. Throw in some protein powder and I am a happy cover with actual calories to run my body haha. 

5) Beer. Ok technically fall beers are my favorite, but the lighter citrus beers of summer are also a great choice! 

So there you have it! My five favorite summer drink :)
What are you drinking?


  1. Dunkin has the only iced coffee I like. Everywhere else it has to be hot!

  2. Great list. Love my iced coffee. I can't believe I left smoothies off my list. I love making them to start my day. Summer is when I usually have them, since it's when produce is cheapest being farther north. Also, can't go wrong with beer.