Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Silver Lining Moments

PFun fact: I am writing this while sweating it out in the drive through of the bank waiting to deposit some money. For some reason it always takes for dang ever. It's easy to get irritated waiting and wishing I was back inside eating the Italian Ice I am getting after this. Today I realized how lucky I am though. I am here for work so I am technically working even though I am getting some time to myself. It's not really a fun adventure or anything, but I get to scroll through Twitter and Bloglovin while I wait!  Over and over in life I find that my situation is directly influenced by my attitude. I am going to just share a few happy things that weren't a big deal but made me smile. 
 -I had to get up early, but I made it to Pure Barre class first thing in the morning and it was a great start to the day as always. 
-After Pure Barre I got iced coffee from Dunkin which is never ever ever a bad idea. 
-I also stopped at the store and (finally) bought eyeliner and I feel normal again!

-While waiting at the bank I discovered the tutorial for this super cute metal awning on Shanty to Chic and I am pretty much obsessed with it. 

-Post bank run I got Jeremiahs Italian ice! Watermelon and Passion fruit were a great combo. 

-I wasn't able to go running after work because there was a storm...again. But now I'm home eating pita chips and hummus and as I finish typing this up I am realizing that days don't have to be particularly outstanding to be good if you just take the time to remember all the good things that did happen!

Did you have a good day today? 

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