Monday, July 20, 2015

Mundane Monday

Do you ever feel like your days off just disappear and you aren't really sure what happened? Today was that day for me. 
Part of the problem was that I spent the vast majority of my morning dealing with my car. The allignment was off and my back tire was majorly SOL. Long story short they had to replace two tires...but they replaced the wrong ones and left the damaged one on. So I had to wait again to have that fixed. Pretty sure I'm sending Charlie to do all future car related things. I feel like more "masculine" places assume that I am a girl and know nothing so they do it their way and ignore what I am saying. Yay feminism. 
During the first wait I did some shopping and bought new kakhis for work (boring), this awesome shirt (which is backwards because my phone hates me) and a one pound tub of rhinestones for wedding related crafts (yay shiny things!)
Post car repair nonsense I got to go to Costco (aka my most favorite place of all time) bought some essentials, and had a totally nutritious lunch. Or something like that. 
After Costco it was time for Pure Barre where they were also doing a body composition analysis with Max Muscle (post about that coming tomorrow!)
Then it was a stop at Moes to pick up dinner and homeward bound. Yum yum burrito bowl. And yes that is my cat in the background. And yes she is trying to steal my guac. Jerk.  

I left the house at 8:15 this morning and somehow those few activities added up to almost 12 hours! 

How was your day? Did it fly by too?!

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