Saturday, September 5, 2015

September Coffee Link Up

It's September already! Time is flying so quickly it's just amazing. Perhaps the best thing about a new month is that it is time for another coffee date!
The Ultimate Coffee Date

I've got my coffee ready so I hope you'll grab yours and join me in catching up!

If we were having coffee I would tell you how excited I am that my mom and best friend will both be here for a visit in just one week! I've missed them both and can't wait to have them here!!

If we were having coffee I would show you my super cute new coffee cups that I found at Michaels yesterday!
If we were having coffee I would talk to you about how excited I am to launch my very own link up this week and invite you to join!

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I finally officially registered for my first 50k! It's on December 12th and I'm already freaking out!

If we were having coffee I would whine to you about how much I hate unpacking! I need to finish by the time my mom gets here but progress is slow!

If were were having coffee I would ask you to tell me all about how you've been! I hope you have had an amazing August and that you are as excited for September as I am!!


  1. Have fun with your Mom!!! Cute mugs!

  2. Enjoy the visit with your mom and congrats on the 50K. Thanks for having coffee.

  3. I love new coffee mugs too! Wow a 50k sounds awesome and really hard. Have a great visit with your mom. Thanks for linking up for coffee today!

  4. Wow, a 50K, good luck!!! That's so exciting and monumental. Nice to meet you for a cup of coffee today.

  5. I can't imagine running a 50k! I'm in awe. Enjoy your visit with your Mom and best friend!