Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Playlist Party!

Happy Saturday morning!  Hope you are all set to have a fantastic weekend!  I get to work today then get ready just in case this hurricane/tropical storm actually makes it to us.  I just really hope it doesn't mess up my plans to run tomorrow morning!

This morning I wanted to share something special with running playlist!  I hope you will do the same!  I am a music fanatic and I love listening to new things in pretty much every genre.  While I have finally gotten to the point where I can run without music for a while, I am in love with my new Plantronics headphones so I pretty much always have something playing! (Missed reading the review? Find it here!)

headphones? always!

So here is the you listen to music while you run?  If so, what is on your playlist at the moment?

I have music ADD so my playlist is constantly changing.  I pay for Spotify premium so I can listen to my playlists while I run without killing my data. Possibly the best money I spend all month.  i mean eating is important, but music probably comes in right up there with groceries!

I have just started to build my Fall 2015 playlist and I am so excited about it!

It is only about an hour and a half long as I am writing this, but it will grow almost daily until I get bored with it and start a new playlist.  This is why I love Spotify so much!

In case you don't have time to puruse the whole thing, I wanted to share the top five on there that I thing you need to go listen to right this very moment:

1) Lucy - Adam Lambert ft. Brian May (the guitar and vocals make my heart happy and my feet fast)
2) Alive Tonight - Grace Potter (if you run after dark you need to have this song on your playlist)
3) Sons & Daughters - The American Spirit (soft but compelling)
4) Our Own House - MisterWives (catchy times a million. I end up singing this in my head all day at work)
5) Chandelier - Twisted Measure (this is a cover of the Sia song that is just incredible)

Did I name a song you are loving too or did I help you find a new favorite?  What songs am I missing?

If you write a blog post about your favorite playlist I would LOVE to have you join the LinkUp below!  If you don't write a post, leave a comment with some must listen songs.  This playlist needs to grow!

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  1. Great post. Love listening to music while I run. Posts like this are always fun to discover new music.

    Sorry for linking up so late. Drafted my post but never came back to add all the embedded parts in.