Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Five: Five Years From Now

 Happy Friday! Once again I am linking up with Mar on the RunYou Signed Up for What?, and Eat Pray Run DC for the Friday Five link up.  If you haven't checked it out already you's a great way to discover new blogs about running and fitness :) 

This week we are talking about things we will be doing in five years.  Now if my running addiction habit has taught me anything it is that predicting what you will be doing in the future is pretty much impossible.  If you told me two years ago I would run a marathon then sign up for an ultra I would have laughed you right out the door.  I hated running.  And now look.  

That said, here are five things I think I might be doing in five years :)

1) Own my own home - guys I really hate renting.  I want a house with a yard and hopefully a barn and a workshop.

2)  Starting a family.  Now that is a really crazy one to say out loud...or type, but I do want to have children and I am not getting any younger. Of course this is one of the hardest things to predict about the future and how things will play out, but if everything works well my fiance (only husband by then) and I will have a baby or two in five years.

3) Own my own business.  At the moment I am looking at having an Etsy shop selling quilted aprons, potholders, placemats and such.  I am optimistic that it will take off. I am not counting on it becoming my only job or source of income, but I think it would be very rewarding if it did at least produce some pocket change!

4) Be certified as a fitness instructor.  I don't know the particulars of how I want to do this yet or what I want to do in particular; I am just putting it out there in the universe if you will.  I would love to teach group fitness or yoga.  As I get other parts of my life under control it is something I will pursue more actively.

5) Running!  This one is (hopefully) a sure thing.  Running has become my happy place and my ultimate stress buster.  I can't imagine life without it anymore.  I would love to qualify for Boston and maybe try a 50 miler someday.  If item #2 on the list slows that down I will still be happy running 5ks :)

So there it is! Hopefully I will still be blogging in 5 years so I can revisit this post and probably laugh at the whole thing.

What do you plan to be doing in five years?


  1. Kids definitely get in the way of our plans sometimes. But they're totally worth the detour. 5 years ago I was just getting married and now I've got two kiddos and the house that we wanted. Hopefully you get everything you want too.

  2. Owning my own home is definitely a goal of mine. Hopefully within the next yr. I am a certified group fitness instructor and I love it. So much fun getting paid to workout. Goodluck!

    1. Thanks so much!
      House hunting seems so daunting but a goal worth working for.
      It seems great and I love helping people reach their fitness goals!

  3. great goals! I like thinking ahead for sure - but don't like to plan too much and just allow life to unfold!

    1. Thanks! I love planning but have realized the best planning in the world can't account for everything!