Thursday, August 27, 2015

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Review

Disclaimer: I received Plantronics BackBeatFit headphones to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

These headphones were my first adventure into wireless headphone territory and I don't actually know how I lived with cords for so long!

How many times have you been running on the treadmill with your phone on the console then you catch your arm on the headphone cord and your phone goes flinging across the gym? it can't be just me that has this problem right?

Then there is the "cord eats everything" problem.  Like really cord, do you need to grab all my keys?

So when this box showed up at my doorstep I was so thrilled!

They even included a note which I thought was a great personal touch.  There is more of a connection than you typically feel when you get something shipped to you.

The headphones even come with a good amount of charge which was super exciting because that meant I could put them on immediately and have a dance party around the apartment!  My dog was concerned but I was having a blast.

The sound quality is amazing and I love being able to pause the music and adjust the volume without having to actually get my phone out.

This came in particularly handy when I went out for a run and it was raining.  I am not good at being prepared for life, so I do not own a waterproof phone case.  This means that I would usually have to put my phone in a plastic bag then try to poke at the screen and buttons through the bag.  Oh and poke a hole through the bag to plug my headphones in.  It's a fun thing, but oddly enough I didn't miss it AT ALL when I went out for a run in the rain and just had to put my phone in a bag and go.  Insert heart eyes emoji here.

These headphones are waterproof too, which is a huge relief.  And, despite the rain and copious amounts of sweat there was no slipping.  Again, if you are like me you have probably spent what feels like a lifetime trying to keep wet headphones in your ears while running.  Not having to worry about that was way more relaxing than I thought possible.  The BackBeatFits go over your ear, in your ear, and have another little loop that fits in the ridge on your ear so they are going nowhere.

Due to soggy conditions and looking like a drowned sweaty rat, I waited till after I showered to take some pictures.  So you get to see me with actual make up on. Like a grown up.  Except they were taken at red lights because I was running (lol puns) late for a staff meeting at work!

I love that they are low profile.  You can barely see them from the front.  This also means that you barely notice they are there while you are running.  None of the bulk and frustration, all of the great music sounds!

But SURPRISE they are there!

(The people in cars next to me probably thought I was nuts)

Overall: I give the BackBeatFits a 10 out of 10...maybe an 11 if you will allow it.  I am completely in love and use them for everything from running and gym things to walking the dog to dance parties with myself while I get ready for work.

If you want your own pair, you can find them HERE.
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  1. Over All I provide the BackBeatFits that a 10 from 10. . .maybe an 1-1 for those who may make it. I am inlove and make utilize of them for all for walking canine to dancing parties even though I prepare yourself to get the work.

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