Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mobot Review

Disclaimer: I received a Mobot to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRavePro Ambassador, and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I am so excited to share this product review with you! As soon as I heard about it I wished I had owned one ages ago!

Mobot combines a water bottle with a foam roller and manages to be very functional in both areas. This is a great product if you travel a lot while running or if you just need something to carry with you throughout the day to help with injuries or tight muscles.

Since the Mobot combines two different uses, I am reviewing each use separately before giving you my overall opinion.

As a water bottle

To start with, the Mobot I received holds 40 oz. of water. This is amazing! Orlando tap water does not taste delicious, so filling up my water bottle repeatedly throughout the day can be pretty challenging. I love that I can fill this up less often without feeling dehydrated. The only downside of this size is that it is not the type of water bottle you want to put in your purse and carry around all day. It is, however, great for in the car and I am looking forward to taking it with me for my next flight.

The Mobot has a straw, but it does not have one of those mouthpieces that you have to bite which I appreciated.  I have had several water bottles like that and the mouthpiece inevitably got funky. You could clean it all you wanted but it was never really clean. The Mobot mouthpiece is hard plastic and it is still clear after repeated use. The best news is that it actually came with another lid and mouthpiece in the box.

Perhaps the most important fact about the Mobot is that it doesn’t leak when you are using it as a foam roller. This also means that it doesn’t leak in your car when you slam on your brakes too hard, or on your floor when the cat knocks it off the table to see how loud a noise it will make.

As a foam roller

I am currently living in a really small space, so the Mobot is an ideal foam roller for me. It does not take up much space when you aren’t using it, and it does not require a large area of open floor when you roll on it. When every inch of space counts, this is a major factor. It is another reason that I wish I had owned a Mobot when I traveled regularly for work. It is less cumbersome than carrying around a full sized foam roller but still packs the same punch.

When I started to test out the Mobot as a foam roller I was scared that I wasn’t going to like it because I wasn’t feeling the familiar foam rolling sensation in the calf I was working on. Then I switched calves. It had been a while since I had last foam rolled and I will confess that I said a few bad words and yelped more than once. AKA, as a foam roller it works very very well.  If you use your foam roller for anything that requires a really wide surface this might not work, but for my usual work on my legs and back it was absolutely perfect!


I highly recommend the Mobot! It is especially good if you are looking for a large bottle, a compact foam roller, or a way to take both a foam roller and water bottle with you without carrying two things! I loved that it wasn’t something that I used for 10-20 minutes a day then left sitting around.  As far as functionality, it can’t be beat!

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