Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekly Miles: 6/8

Last week I finally sucked it up and went running multiple times in the lovely (sarcasm) central Florida weather! Severe lightning caused some interference with my plans, but I did manage to get a couple runs in.
Wednesday I ran about 3 miles with some wonderful people at Running for Brews Orlando.
Sunday I ran another 3 miles by my lonesome. I think I might need to start a weekly update of things said to me while running if that run was any indication.  A man slurred at me that I "didn't really need to be jogging" while gesturing at my body.  This simultaneously made me mad about being called a "jogger" (ugh people, not cool!) and super impatient to have my dog with me because people tend to not say creepy things when I have him with me.
That story aside, I am definitely hoping to increase my overall mileage this week. Adjusting to running in the heat is always an adventure and this time around won't be any different.

How was your running last week? And has anyone ever said anything weird/rude to you while running?

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