Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Try It Tuesday: Tijuana Flats

It seems that anyone in Central Florida will tell you that they love Tijuana Flats.  I had my first experience there last week and took Charlie back there today.

Unfortunately, due to phone problems of epic proportions, I have zero pictures.  Even if my phone was functioning properly I am not sure I would have remembered to take pictures before I had eaten it all. It was that good. Both times.

There are several perks to Tijuana Flats and the way it fits in my life.  The original happens to be in the same parking lot as my work.  Hello fate :)  I am a big fan of local business and appreciate being able to support such a great one in my own little way.  They also have great deals a couple times a week where you can pay about what you would pay for a meal at Taco Bell and get way better food that is also better for you.  Next time I go in I will be reading the menu more closely because what I really want is a big bowl of their refried beans which they make (not from a can).  They also have their own line of salsas and the purchase of many f those salsas gives some money back to charity. Also awesome!  If I read right, all of their meat is hormone free and all that good stuff. And wheat tortillas which are my all time favorite!

They are not too flashy from the outside and a little crazy inside, but if you happen across one I very highly recommend checking one out!

That's it for me today...hopefully I can report back with another fun adventure next week!
 Have a great Tuesday!

P.S. if you have Orlando area recommendations let me know! I have a growing list of things to try :)

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