Friday, February 26, 2016

Five Ways Weddings are Like Marathons

It has been a seriously insane week of non-stop running around.  Only one actual run has happened so far, but I feel like I have been flying around all over the place trying to get stuff done.  This wedding planning thing is no joke...and now that we are just two weeks and one day away, all the little pieces are needing to fall into place ...and they are taking more than a little nudging!

It is also time for the Friday Five hosted by Mar on the RunYou Signed Up for What?, and Eat Pray Run DC.  If you haven't checked out this weekly link up I highly recommend doing so!

With all the insanity I wanted to take a little break for some smiles and laughs.  SO! I am sharing with you today:
Five Ways Weddings are Like Marathons!

1) You have to make a LOT of preparations.  For a marathon you do all your training runs, for weddings you book all your vendors and make arrangements for your guests.  The jury is still out on which is more painful and time consuming! Of course leftover cake tasting samples at the beach is never a bad thing!

2) The rehearsal is key. How will you know how fast you can expect to run your marathon if you don't do some training that simulates race day.  I am hoping the wedding rehearsal will shed similar light on how the next day will go! Because weddings and marathons are full of surprises


3) A coach can be the most valuable asset. While I have never considered myself a "good enough" runner to have a coach (I know I know skip the lecture I am telling it to myself right now lol) I have seen so many instances where they are able to make a runner so much better than they ever thought possible.  They also provide structure and a reassuring presence.  Weddings have coordinators.  The day I found Rebekkah at Runway Events I knew she was exactly the coach I needed to make it through this all in one piece!  Like a good coach, a good coordinator keeps you going when things are a little dicey and they are there to congratulate you when you succeed!  SO many times they are the unsung heroes that make the magic happen :)

4)  You can't prepare for either without putting it all over social media. Every long run must be documented or it didn't happen.  Every vendor booked and every bridezilla moment must also be shared for posterity.  We won't even talk about how many selfies I took/shared after my makeup and hair trial yesterday...

5) You do the important stuff, then there is good food, alcohol and a party.  This is self explanatory. I pick races for the party after (ok and the medals) and people go to weddings for the receptions!  This doesn't make the first part any less meaningful, but the second part is always way more fun!

If you have read all this way thank you for indulging me and letting me try my one shot at being a comedy writer.  I don't think they are going to want me to write for any big shows, so you'll still find me right here tomorrow ;)

Happy Friday!!


  1. I have never had to prepare for a wedding yet. But it sounds exhausting. But in sure it's all worth the work. Just like when we cross that finish line in a marathon. Have a fabulous wkend!

    1. Thank you!!
      I think I should have included the finish line of each will probably make you cry!

  2. My rehearsal was similar to my test race (a 5k) before my first race (a half). Yes I registered for a half and then started running. My wedding rehearsal was too short, nobody paid attention to what was going on, and it had no bearing on the day of--we might as well not have ran the 5k I mean had the rehearsal! Slow things down and make sure you're people are listening....

    1. Thank you! Amazing advice :) This is another "coach" perk I think ;)