Saturday, February 27, 2016


It is fi-na-ly Saturday and I have two whole days off in a row and I am so darn excited!!! I have a very full weekend planned and it's blowing my mind a little bit.  I am really really not the type to make plans two days in a row.  I like quiet time to recharge, but the opportunities this weekend just couldn't be passed up!

Today we are kicking it off by heading to Universal Studios for Mardi Gras and the Fall Out Boy concert! I am geeking out a lot!  I have never been to Universal so I am obviously way excited to see and do all the Harry Potter stuff (we are already planning lunch at the Leaky Cauldron!) and how can I not be so far beyond excited to see Fall Out Boy?! They are on literally every running playlist I make.  #NoShame

Sunday is a total change up.  We are heading up to the Ocala area to check out the Live Oaks International...which is a big deal horse show with show jumping and a Combined Driving Even which is something I have never actually seen in person.  Plus the Budweiser Clysdsedales are there!

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What are you up to this weekend? Big plans? Relaxing at home? Tackling the chores you've been avoiding (aka what I should be doing!)?

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